Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin' It Part 1

Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin' It Part 1

Fashion is all about the next “BIG” thing. Well, for me the next “BIG” thing is this new Stephanie graphic T-shirt. Perfection is so overrated and I will be stepping into the fall season Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin’ It.  This faux leather top is a MUST have this season.

I love unique statement pieces and this shirt says it all.  I can dress it up for a night out with a leather mini skirt, this plum faux fur vest and a pair of black booties.  This look is edgy and sexy with a little bit of luxe glam with this faux fur vest. Minimum accessories are needed to complete this fabulous look. For me, I would just add a pair of gold earrings and I’m all set.

I’m all about versatility when it comes to my wardrobe. When items can be dressed up or down to fit my mood or the occasion I’m on board for the purchase. I always want to get more BANG for my BUCK! Don’t we all?

The various colors in this top allow me to mix and match a variety of pieces to transform my outfits. I’m excited to play around with different looks that will complement this top, so be on the look out to see how I top it off!

Whatever I wear I will always be Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin’ It!


La'Tarica Riley

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Absolutely love this outfit!!!!! Great look!!!


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