Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin' It Part 3

Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin' It Part 3

Fall is my favorite season! Not only is it the season of my birthday, but it also gives me plenty of opportunities to have some high fashion moments. Layers, layers, layers and more layers please! Layering is so much fun because it allows me to push the envelope on being creative with my personal style making it something to remember.

Things just seem to keep getting better and better with my Flawed, Fabulous, & Lovin’ It graphic tee.   For the fall season, I can layer this shirt over my sheer black dress with a pair of black distressed jeans.  Hmmm, I thought to myself….not enough drama, so what else can I add? Aha, my ivory vest would be the perfect match.  I would wrap this outfit up with my red belt, strappy pumps and my sailboat clutch bag and I would be ready to hit the road jack.

If you are a person who loves to play dress up like I do, you can probably think of many ways to wear one item to recreate your style. That’s the beauty of fashion and always thinking outside the box. Well, I have just given you three different ways (Part 1, 2, and 3) on how I can style my Flawed, Fabulous & Lovin’ It graphic T-shirt.

Cheers to topping it off with style, grace, and class! Ahhh!


La’Tarica Riley

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